In my opinion, a woman’s hands are the ultimate form of self-expression (even more so if you’re a hand talker). From nail shape to hygiene to design of choice, the truth is you can tell a lot about a person based on their hands. It’s also one of the easiest ways to experiment with your look by playing with colors, textures, designs, and shapes—and unlike switching up your hair color or hairstyle, it doesn’t have to be too committal. 

The good thing about nail trends is that it’s fairly non-judgmental—there’s no color or design that’s ever deemed “out of style” because nail aesthetic is so subjective. However, #nailart inspo is easily spreadable thanks to the plethora of hand selfies on social media, sparking trends that nail artists get more requests to fulfill. From classic nail colors to more daring nail designs, we rounded up a slew of nail looks that are predicted to be extra trendy this coming year—and sure to spark inspiration for your next mani.


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