Nail care is an incredibly important aspect of overall self-care, and it is crucial to keep one’s nails strong and healthy. One of the most effective ways to do this is by keeping them hydrated; using cuticle oil or cream regularly can prevent dryness and breakage.

Additionally, avoiding harsh chemicals such as acetone when removing nail polish can help preserve the strength of one’s nails. It is also recommended to file nails in one direction instead of back-and-forth, as this minimizes the risk of damage or splitting. Staying mindful about nutrition can further promote strong nails; foods rich in biotin or vitamin B7, like eggs and avocados, are known to fortify them.

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Finally, wearing gloves while cleaning or doing other household tasks protects nails against potential trauma and keeps them looking polished for a longer period of time. By practicing these simple tricks consistently, individuals can ensure optimal nail health for years to come.

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