What is a spa manicure?

The number one focus of a basic manicure is your nails. A spa manicure is typically a longer service focused on stress relief and relaxation.

Most spa manicures begin by cleansing your hands utilizing pleasant smelling soaps or scrubs. There is typically a massage portion before your technician transitions to shaping, painting and filing your nails. A spa manicure typically lasts longer than a regular manicure, and more emphasis is placed on the overall experience, rather than hand maintenance. The base service typically doesn’t include acrylic, dip or shellac nails, so if that’s what you’re looking for make sure you talk to your technician ahead of time!

You might experience something similar to a spa manicure at a local nail studio, but the big differentiating factor is the before and after of the treatment. Spa manicures may include benefits such as a neck massage, cucumber water, warm tea and a comfortable robe for you to wear during your experience.

How much does a spa manicure cost?

The price of your spa manicure will vary based on the location you live in and the style of service requested, but most spa manicures will cost between $30 and $70. You can add on additional services such as a mask treatment or gel application.

How long does a spa manicure last?

The length of the manicure will depend on your lifestyle, however you can expect it to last between two to three weeks. If you’d like to lengthen your time between appointments, use gloves while doing things around the house such as washing dishes and make sure you moisturize as much as possible.

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