The round nail shape has been said to be the most practical of all the shapes. This is because it can be achieved the easiest with natural nails. Round nails are for those women who are more laid-back and quieter.

This shape is popular amongst a lot of celebrities since it is more practical than the others. One celebrity, in particular, Steph Pratt, likes to wear her nails rounded. We also see this shape a lot among the older generation.


The almond shape is for people who like their nails to look more unique, like their personality. It is worn longer like the stiletto nail but comes to a rounded edge like the round nail. This shape looks best with a nude or pastel color.

Although more refined than a stiletto nail, this shape is still fun. It makes shorter fingers look longer, which is all we really want right? Big names like Beyonce like to wear their nails in an almond shape.


The coffin shape, or the ballerina shoe, has just emerged in the past few years. Many women who are in the younger generation opt into getting this shape. It adds so much flare to your nails even with just a plain color on them.

This shape is for women who are secretly wanting to be a little bit more trendy with their nails but not quite to the point of a stiletto nail. It looks great with or without nail designs. This nail shape is usually kept a bit longer to really get the feel of the shape.

Classic Pedicure

This is the most common type of pedicure. It begins with a warm foot soak in a foot bath. This is followed by nail care like clipping, filing, shaping, cuticle work and buffing.

You’ll then enjoy a relaxing foot massage. The last step is applying the nail polish and the top and base coats.

Our classic pedicure is suitable for those who want all-round foot care with a regular polish. On feet, regular polish does tend to last longer than it does on hands. Alternatives to the regular polish can be a French polish or some fun nail art. These are add-ons in our booking process.

Shellac/Gel Pedicure

Another popular type of pedicure – the Shellac. Shellac/Gel pedicures cost a little bit more but are absolutely worth it. Shellac polish is guaranteed to last at least 2 weeks chip-free while maintaining an impeccable, glossy look. If you want to understand the ins-and-outs of Shellac polish, check out our guide on understanding the difference between Shellac and regular polish.

This treatment is perfect for those wanting a long-lasting polish and don’t mind going back to your pedicurist for polish removal. It’s damaging to pick it off yourself.

Express Pedicure

An express pedicure covers the essentials with file, shape, buff and polish. If you’re short on time but are desperate for a tidy up and polish, an express pedicure is ideal.

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Welcome everyone from other neighborhoods : Mile End, Little Portugal, Laurier-est, La Petite-Patrie, Little Italy, Park Extensions, Mile-Ex, Outremont, Milton Park, The Village, Sainte-Marie, De Lorimier, etc.

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