There are many factors that contribute to choosing your best manicure, including your mood, lifestyle, and budget, current trends, upkeep, how much time you have and how long you want the manicure to last. To help you find the ideal mani style for you, here is a guide to the different types of manicures from True Loves HHI Nail and Spa
Nail art doesn’t have to be elaborate to delight your client. Simple stripes and polka dots can be used to make a variety of designs such as flowers or ladybugs. An ombre, a touch of glitter, or a stamped or stenciled design can spice up natural nails as well. For more conservative clients, minimalist designs can add edge to their designs while still reflecting their personal style and taste. Many salons charge for nail art by the nail, by the length of time the art takes to apply, or according to the complexity of the design.

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