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Want to pick up a drink before class or hang out with co-workers after a long day? Go on a fun date?

Located conveniently in Lakewood, CO 80214, our tea shop is the ideal place.

TEA-HEE BOBA | Boba Tea 80214 | Milk Tea Shop in Lakewood 80214

Address 1:6677 W. Colfax Ave,
Lakewood, CO 80214
Address 2:3894 E 120th Ave unit B,
Thornton, CO 80233

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980’s at a small tea stand.

Elementary school children would look forward to buying a cup of refreshing tea after a long, hard day of work and play. Tea stands were set up in front of the schools and would compete for business with the best selling tea. One concession owner became popular with her tea when she started adding different fruit flavoring to her tea. Because of the sweet and cool taste, children loved the taste. Soon, other concessions heard about the “unique” and popular tea, so they started to add flavoring to their teas. When adding flavor, the tea and flavoring needed to be shaken well for a good all around taste. This formed bubbles in the drink, which came to be known as “Bubble Tea.”

In 1983 Liu Han-Chieh introduced Taiwan to tapiocas. The new fad was to add tapioca pearls into a favorite drink. Most of the time tapioca pearls were served in cold infused tea. After the tea and flavor were shaken well, it topped tapioca pearls that were sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. The tapioca pearls also looked like bubbles, thus also became known as “Bubble Tea.” Bubbles floated on the top of your drink and bottom of your drink.

🥤 Our milk foam is a slightly salted cream topping above freshly brewed tea. Call us to order now!