If the shape of our eyes brings allure to our faces, then the length of our eyelashes adds prominence to our facial features. False eyelashes entered the cosmetic game around the early part of the 20th century and there has been no looking back ever since. With individual hairs attached to your existing eyelashes using a medical adhesive grade, lash extensions come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, and over the years, they have improved to become even more lightweight and comfortable to wear.

What is the Eyelash Extension technique?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes made from single Synthetic Fibers or 100% Mink and curves to replicate a natural eyelash. These extensions provide a length and thickness to your existing lashes.
Applied strand by strand with a specially formulated adhesive to your lashes, eyelash extensions can be customized to create depth and elongation to your eyes, all while adhering to your facial structure. Naturally, extensions will hold better on women who already have stronger lashes with a healthy growth rate. That is not to say that women with sparse hair shouldn’t opt for this solution; in fact, the success rate depends on how you take care of your extensions after they are applied.


About us:

At Best Spa & Nails in Robbinsville Twp,  our lash extension specialists have over 5 years of experience. The perfect combination of eyebrow care and eyelash extension can add an uncanny beauty to your face, highlighting your eyes and complimenting your natural features. Our team offers a variety of eyelash extensions and eyebrow design services for all our clients. With numerous experts on our team, our specialists make it easy for you to tend to all of your eye-enhancing services within the same visit.
Our lash extensions are semi-permanent and applied individually in relaxing private suites. Our Mink and Siberian mink lashes as well as our Japan silk lashes are the highest quality lashes in the market and are completely safe for eyes and contact lenses! You lay on a comfortable motorized massage table with your eyes closed while the lash artist applies for your eyelash extensions. The application process is wonderfully relaxing.
Tired of constantly applying mascara to receive the beautiful look of a full set of lashes? Our eyelash stylist has the skills and techniques your lashes need for a natural look with a beauty built to last. These lashes remove your need for mascara by offering a durable solution. Extensions are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping, and exercising.


Classic Extensions Are The First Things To Do When Jumping In Eyelash Extensions!

Classic lash extensions are now what is considered the “traditional” technique. This style is the original method, and while still a very favored style in the market, it is lacking some strengths for certain individuals. Classic eyelash extensions are where one extension is applied individually to one natural lash.
Classic lashes are a 1:1 ratio. This means that the number of extensions applied will only meet the number of natural lashes you have. If you have naturally thick lashes, this look is great for you. However, if you have very few natural lashes, volume lashes are the choice for you.
Classic lashes are most widely used in a diameter of 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, and 0.20 mm. 0.12 mm is also an option but is minimally used. What this means is that the weight load put on the natural lash increases with each diameter. The more length an extension has will also affect the weight. So even if someone has a plethora of natural lashes, but they are very short, they will be limited on what look they can achieve with classic lashes.

Catering to Clientele!


(In preparation for any eyelash and eyebrow extension please remove all makeup around your eyes before your appointment)
Eyelash extensions individually bond to a client’s existing eyelashes one-by-one and last 2-4 weeks. The process takes significant time and requires a meticulous, well-trained, and licensed professional to ensure quality results.
Our lash experts will offer your eyelashes the care and attention they deserve. Due to the time involved in this procedure, we do need a few hours of your time in delivering premium results.
At the same time, we understand life is busy. The beauty of working with Best Spa & Nails in Robbinsville Twp] is our capabilities to take care of multiple beauty needs at once. Let us manage not only your eyelash extensions but help all your beauty needs. Additionally, with the proper application of our long-lasting lashes, you will see a decrease in the amount of time you are spending on your eyelashes every day.


Keep your lashes endlessly beautiful with routine refills. Our specialists recommend that lash extension guests return every two to four weeks with at least 50 percent of lashes remaining. Please be advised an assessment will be made at the time of service for the quality and quantity of existing lashes. If more than 50 percent of lashes have shed, a full eyelash extension set may need to be rescheduled.

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