If you haven’t started planning your first manicure of 2023, what are you even doing? Okay, granted most people are still getting in their last fall manicures and trying to figure what their holiday nails will look like, but it doesn’t hurt to look even further ahead. And according to experts, 2023 nail trends have a little something for everyone. 

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Whether you’re inclined to keep your nails short and neat or you’re in the mood for experimentation with trendy nail art designs, it seems there will be a trend for you. Manicurists predict next year’s most popular looks will run the gamut from traditional and minimalist to in-your-face designs you’ve probably never seen before. “We are super excited with what we are seeing on the horizon and right now,” says Rita Pinto, founder of New York City-based nail salon Vanity Projects. And the great thing is, all of these trends can be done on acrylic, gel, or natural nails.

Pinto notes that aside from trends in actual nail designs, there are techniques that are growing in popularity, encouraging artists to create looks that may have seemed impossible. “Clear gel is being manipulated to create designs with 3D texture, adding height or dimension,” she explains. “Sometimes new technology like Aprés Gel X enters the market and becomes a big trend and so far we see that continuing!”

In addition to Pinto, Allure spoke to a whole host of acclaimed nail artists (who regularly paint the fingertips of stars like Madonna, Solange, and Mariah Carey) to share the trends they’re predicting will take off next year, what they’re seeing in the nail industry, and the nail ideas their clients are asking for most. 


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