Tracy’s Lash and Nails Spa: One of the creative you must try in Plano follow customer reviews

” I cannot recommend Tracy’s enough!! I’ve tried a couple salons in the area, but Tracy delivered the most incredible service by far. She was very attentive in understanding what I wanted and committed to giving me the best results. I’ve been getting so many compliments on my nails. It was an overall stellar experience, and I look forward to returning.” – (5/5 stars – Wendy Du)

“I’ve been going to Tracy for my lashes, nails, & eyebrows since 2014, and Tracy is a such an amazing person inside and out. Now that she has moved to her own bigger salon I am so happy! When I come for my lashes, she and her staff is able to do everything for me while I am there. It’s like a one stop for all your beauty & self care needs. Tracy and her staff are so helpful and they always make sure you are happy with their services. I never leave unhappy 🙂 thank you Tracy, Ann, Sally, & Jenny. You guys are the best!! 🤩”

(5/5 stars – Javneet Deo)

” i really appreciate how Tracy will go to lengths to ensure her clients are happy with her service. I got a gel manicure and the first time it was just not too great (the cuticles were rough, color was uneven, sides were uncolored) and I kept pointing issues before Tracy came and said she would just redo the whole thing. we stayed there until like 8pm but it turned out sooo much better when she did it with a different color & Tracy was incredibly patient and understanding throughout the whole process 🙂 ”

(5/5 stars – Cindy Hao)