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Here are some good natural options for moisturizing nails and surrounding skin:

Coconut oil – Rich in nourishing fatty acids and vitamins. Apply a small amount melted or straight from the jar.

Almond oil – Lightweight oil that absorbs quickly. Great for cuticles and nail beds.

Sweet almond or jojoba oil – Similar to almond oil in consistency but jojoba is actually a wax ester, not an oil.

Olive oil – Rich antioxidant properties help protect skin. Good for dry cuticles.

Aloe vera gel – Soothes and hydrates. Look for pure aloe gel without added ingredients.

Avocado oil – High in vitamins A, D and E for soft supple skin. Can use straight from the avocado too.

Shea butter – Thick cream that locks in moisture. Works well mixed with a carrier oil

Each manicure has its own uniqueness and will bring an unexpected vibe to every outfit combination.
Join us today and have fun with your new nailstyle!

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