A Touch Of Class – Hair Salon Sudbury ON – Haircut, Hairstyle, Hair colors : A new hairstyle has the power to completely change your appearance.

One of the most popular hair services in Sudbury is the stylists’ abilities to create gorgeous and stylish wavy locks! Wavy hair is a gorgeous look that can be hard to achieve, and a skilled hair stylist will be just the person to help you get the look you crave.

If you’re visiting A Touch Of Class – Hair Salon Sudbury ON for wavy hair, the hair stylist will likely ask about what kind of waves you’d like. Do you prefer tight waves, loose waves, beachy waves, body waves, or something else? On top of that, you can decide on the length and texture of the hair you’d like to get the look you want. Once you’ve discussed what kind of waves you’re looking to achieve, your stylist will begin the styling process.

The first step is to choose the right products to give you the look you want. Depending on the type of waves desired, the stylist may use mousse, volumizing powder, a wave spray, or a combination of different products to get the desired look. Next, the hair is blown dry. While the dryer is used, the stylist will use a brush and move their hands through the hair to create the desired direction and shape. Not only can the stylist choose to blow dry the hair to either add or reduce volume, they can also use a diffuser to add more of a wave effect.

Once the hair is dried, the stylist will use styling tools, like a curling iron or a flat iron, to create waves. The size and shape of the iron used will depend on the type of waves the customer wishes to achieve. If the customer wants a beachy, tousled look the stylist may curl a few random pieces of the hair to give texture. If the customer prefers a retro or Gatsby-inspired look, the stylist can create a set of uniformly sized and shaped curls.

Finally, to ensure that the look lasts, the hair stylist will use hairspray. This will help keep the waves in place and give them more body. It also helps to lock in the fragrance of the styling products used.

Overall, with a talented hair stylist and the right products, customers in Sudbury, ON can achieve luxurious and beautiful wavy hair. So if you’re looking for a striking and attractive look, ask your hair stylist about getting wavy hair!

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