Acrylic Nails are more likely to cause damage to your natural nails. This is because they:

– Require more filing and the use of acetone to be removed.
– And in some cases, they tend to use harsher chemicals when applied.

It’s important to note that both acrylic nails and gel nails are not inherently damaging to your nail. Once your manicure was applied and removed correctly your natural nails shouldn’t be significantly affected.

Having a good manicure can actually help to protect your natural nails.

You see your nails are not damaged by the product themselves but instead when you;

– Use very harsh chemicals such as an acid-based primer to prep your nails for application.
– Overfile your natural nails before application
– Improperly remove your manicure usually by forcing them off.

Which Looks & Feels Better Gel or Acrylic

Gel nails tend to look and feel better. This is because gel nails are more flexible and lighter so they feel more natural and they also have a nice glossy sheen.

Another great advantage with gel nails is that you can control when they are cured which makes them better at creating nail art. This allows you to take your time to design your nails to look exactly how you want.

Now acrylic nails, on the other hand, tend to look more simple and they tend to be more rigid, heavier, and bulkier. But you can also get a glossy sheen on your acrylic with a good top coat.

Which Is Safer – Gel or Acrylic

Both Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails come with their own health and safety risks. But with the right measures in place they can both be perfectly safe.

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