Nail art is one of the most popular beauty trends of 2021 and it’s going to continue its reign well into 2022. “A lot of old trends that people assumed to be dying out or tacky, such as French tips, made such a big comeback in 2021 and many old trends [will be] updated and reintroduced in 2022” says Sarah Haidar, a self-taught nail artist who runs the wildly popular Instagram account @Heluviee. Even if you’re more of a manicure minimalist, there are definitely options for you in the nail design world. So what winter nail art trends can you expect to see in the new year?

“Swirly nail art had a good run this past year but will slowly fall off to give room for cleaner geometric line art,” explains Queenie Nguyen, who works with Alessandra Ambrosio and Kate Hudson. Brittney Boyce (also known as Nails of LA), who works with Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian, adds that experimentation is going to be a big theme in 2022. “We’ll get extreme minimalism with very simple, one-shade manicures on long nails, [but we’ll also see] a lot of 3D nail art,” she reveals.

Curious to see what the pros are loving for nail art this winter? Here are 10 trends they say everyone will be wearing for the season.


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