Certain conditions tend to increase the wear and tear on your gel manicure which can damage them or lead to premature lifting and peeling.

Now one of the easiest ways to avoid damaging your gel nails is to wear gloves to avoid exposing them.

You should wear gloves when you are:

  • Cleaning or doing the dishes – You see detergents such as bleach and strong soap can over time wear away at your nails
  • Gardening – pesticides and other strong chemicals can damage your gel nails.
  • Washing Meat – Vinegar which is commonly used to wash meats can also damage your gel manicure.
  • Coloring your hair – The dyes used when coloring your hair can discolor your gel polish

If your gel manicures are constantly being exposed to heat they can be damaged. So avoid taking hot baths and exposing your gel nails to heat when cooking.

A gel top coat allows your regular nail polishes to:

  • Be more durable and long lasting
  • Look more glossy
  • Have smoother texture

You see Gel polishes are amazing they look nice and glossy. And, more importantly, they are super durable allowing them to last for a long time, with some brands lasting for 3 weeks without chipping, peeling, or fading.

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