Our goal is to create the best kind of care you can receive from a nail salon. We want every client who steps through the door to have a good experience.Being our customer, you are special to us, and so we constantly strive to make all of your moments with us, just as special.

Mix and match the nail lengths, shapes, finishes, colors and prints all season long to know you are rocking the latest nail trends. Ready to look and feel your best? Make an appt. with us now! From elegant French manis and short acrylic nails to kawaii Japanese nail art, so many cultures have shared this type of unique beauty with the world. And our salon is definitely a go-to place for anyone who wants to have impressive nail designs on their fingertips.

With years of experience from our caring staff, we’ll work to ensure a familiar and warm experience with the comforts of home at your fingertips each visit. Knowing our customers, and each of their desires allows us to perfect your personal experience consistently and professionally.

Nail salon 95630 – Nail Palazzo in Palladio Shopping Center, Folsom, CA : Hitting our salon for a fresh set of fancy nails can magically make your bad day so much better.

Nail Palazzo in Palladio Shopping Center
Add : 310 Palladio Pkwy #709, Folsom, CA 95630
Phone : (916) 983-2895
Service : https://nailspalazzofolsom.com/service










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