Looking for a top-notch nail salon in San Diego, California? Beauty Breeze Nails & Spa is the perfect destination. Located at 4411 Mercury St Suite 107, San Diego, CA 92111, our salon offers a wide range of services designed to pamper you from head to toe.

Exceptional Manicure Services

At Beauty Breeze Nails & Spa, our manicure services are unparalleled. Our skilled technicians provide meticulous care to ensure your nails look flawless. Whether you prefer a classic manicure or something more elaborate, we have you covered.

Acrylic Nails for a Stunning Look

Transform your nails with our high-quality acrylic nails. Our experts use the finest materials to create durable and beautiful acrylic nails that last. Perfect for any occasion, our acrylic nails will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Revitalizing Facial Treatments

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our facial treatments. Tailored to your skin type, our facials will leave your skin glowing and refreshed. Indulge in a relaxing session that enhances your natural beauty.

Kids’ Manicures for Little Ones

Treat your little ones to a delightful manicure experience. Our kid-friendly services ensure that even the youngest clients enjoy a fun and safe nail care session. It’s a perfect way to bond and create lasting memories.

Perfect Pedicures for Happy Feet

Pamper your feet with our exceptional pedicure services. From exfoliation to moisturizing, our pedicures provide comprehensive care that leaves your feet soft and smooth. Step out with confidence and comfort.

Creative Nail Design

Express yourself with our creative nail designs. Our talented nail artists can create unique and intricate designs that reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer bold patterns or subtle elegance, we bring your vision to life.

Professional Waxing Services

Achieve smooth and hair-free skin with our professional waxing services. Our experienced technicians ensure a comfortable and efficient waxing session, leaving your skin silky and soft. Say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Why Choose Beauty Breeze Nails & Spa?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians dedicated to providing top-tier services.
  • Hygienic Environment: We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all our clients.
  • Premium Products: We use only high-quality products to deliver the best results.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every visit.

Visit Us Today

Conveniently located at 4411 Mercury St Suite 107, San Diego, CA 92111, Beauty Breeze Nails & Spa is your go-to destination for all your nail and spa needs. Book an appointment today and experience the ultimate in nail and spa services.

Contact Information

  • Address: 4411 Mercury St Suite 107, San Diego, CA 92111
  • Services: Manicure, Acrylic nails, Facial treatments, Kids’ manicures, Pedicure, Nail Design, Waxing

Join us at Beauty Breeze Nails & Spa for a luxurious and relaxing experience. We look forward to serving you!

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