I get overconfident whenever I make it home from the nail salon with my manicure intact. But just as predictably, my ego takes a hit when the polish chips as soon as I do my first load of dishes. Gel polish is my only hope.

When gel manicures first hit the salon menu they became an instant phenomenon because they’re quick and as durable as car paint. The promise of a shiny, chip-free paint job that’ll last for two weeks is why I’ve started opting for gel whenever I treat myself to a salon manicure.

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But, like most good things, these glossy manicures come with a catch. Regular exposure to the UV light that’s used to set the polish isn’t healthy for your nails or skin, and removing the gel when you’re tired of it (or it has started chipping) is a hassle that can damage your nails if it’s done incorrectly.

Whether you’re a diehard gel fan or you’re just tired of ruining your polish when you reach in your bag for your phone, see what a professional manicurist and a dermatologist have to say about the process of getting a gel manicure.

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