Whether you’re getting your nails done at the salon or doing them yourself at home, the process takes special care and attention. Each salon varies slightly in technique, but you can expect the following steps to be true of most nail salons :

The nails are prepped: Before starting any manicure you must make sure the nails are prepped by cleaning and freeing the nail plate of any dirt and oils. This is also where you should push your cuticles back and clip any hangnails, and buff the surface of the nail plate.

Bonder is applied: Once you’ve cleaned and prepped your nails, you may apply a bonder so that the product can adhere to the nail plate and lessen the chance of lifting.

Base and powder are applied: Brush on the base just as if you were polishing your nails, noting to go one nail at a time. Once you’ve applied the base coat to a single nail, dip the nail in the dipping tray of powder and repeat on each nail, making sure to brush off any excess. Based on your desired opacity and color intensity, you may want to re-dip your nails two to three times.

Wait a few minutes, then apply topcoat: This step is to dry and harden the product. You should wait two to five minutes before beginning to shape and file nails after applying activator. After you shape and file your nails to your desired look, apply a topcoat.

If you’re getting your dip powder done at a salon, your nail technician shouldn’t actually “dip” your nail into the powder pot. While this was the technique when this trend initially launched, hygiene concerns over different clients’ nails being dipped into the same pot have put this practice to a stop. Some dip powders are thicker than others and may only need two dips per nail, with a new coat of base between each. Normal length nails may be dipped two to three times. For nails with more length, you may dip the nail three to five times. For longer nails, your first dip should start at the apex (the weakest point of the nail where you would like the arch).

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