Have you ever seen a Halloween-themed manicure that isn’t lowkey gaudy or look-at-me loud? Let’s check it out.


Retire your summer brights in favor of the newest fall shades. Check out some nail arts that are perfect for the sweater weather.


It’s a perfect nail design. You can use it over and over again and not get bored as it keeps your nails and overall appearance stylish and beautiful.


These fabulous nail art designs are super unique, these will give you the trendy looks.


As a valued client, you have our commitment to satisfactorily meet your nail wants and exceed your expectations. Spend more time with our experts and improve quality of your lifestyle.

The ambience of our salon is superb. And the quality of service we provide is awesome. You can check it out by yourself!

Nail Repair: Sometimes accidents happen, and you find yourself needing to repair one or several nails. Our nail repair services can help with breaks, tears, and other nail disasters. Let us professionally repair your nails to avoid infections and to ensure that you don’t weaken the nail or make the damage worse.

Gel Removal: Gel polish should be removed in the salon with a specialist to avoid the risk of damaging the nail layers.

File & Polish: For the busy person on the go, keep it quick and easy. We simply remove existing polish, trim and shape your nails, then finish with a fresh coat of colour.

The effect on the appearance of your dipping nails may not be quite as dramatic as the effect of a gel manicure, so we recommend opting for dip powder manicures as a part of your regular routine, and gel manicures for special occasions when you want your nails to make a big impact.

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