There is either a hard gel or a soft gel that you can go for. Often people like to add shellac nails to this group, which is something that is almost the same as a soft gel.

The only difference is that the shellac is made by the company which is called CND. While the gels, in general, are made worldwide by many other brands and in many different colors.

Hard gels

– Hard gels are a lot tougher and more lasting. They are also used to ensure the long-lastingness of your fake nails, rather than your natural ones. You can use this gel into getting that sturdy and efficient nail.

– Since it is hard, it does take a little longer to cure under the UV lamp. This is fine if you are going to have a long-lasting manicure and a blast at the same time! These gels are usually clear and see-through, and women love to use them on their extensions.

– However, don’t get confused. This product is used to paint on the nail extensions but it is not a polymer powder, nor an acrylic liquid mixture. This gel is that type that you see at the salon laying around in those little, small, plastic nail polish containers.

Soft Gels

– These are thick gels that make a great finishing layer to the nail design. These gels come in all different and colorful colors, as well as brands.

– Soft gels can be found anywhere, starting from the beauty stores, drugstores and online. They are easy to work with and you can do them yourself.

– The only downside is that you need to have a UV lamp to cure it, but it does take a lot less to cure them compared to the other type of gel nails.


– Some women swear on shellac manicures. They believe they are long-lasting and the newest trend out there. Shellac nail polishes are very shiny and easily applied like the soft gels, and they can even last you for 15 days and you will be chip-free!

– As well as any other type of gel nails, you need to cure them under the UV lamp. However, they are harder to find since only CND is making them, and they are a company from the U.S, and can hardly be found in Europe.

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