To help you keep your nails healthy, we asked two board-certified dermatologists to share their tips for how to safely get dip powder nails.

Here’s what they recommend:

Leave your cuticles alone.

When you or your nail technician cuts (or pushes back) your cuticles, this can lead to a serious infection.

To protect your health: Ask your nail technician to leave your cuticles alone. This will reduce your risk of developing a nail infection.

At first, your nail tech may object. Remain firm. No pushing or cutting your cuticles.

Skip the “double dip.”

When you get dip powder nails, you usually place each finger into various containers of powder. The base coat, color, and top coat all come in powder form.

When you dip your nails into a container that other people have dipped their fingers into, you are double dipping. If someone who had a nail infection or wart already dipped their fingers into these containers, you can pick up these germs. This could lead to a serious nail infection or wart.

To protect your health: Before getting dip powder nails, ask your nail technician how the powders will be applied.

To reduce your risk of infection, your nail technician must use one of these methods:

– Pour each powder from its original container into a disposable container and then throw away any unused powder.
– Sprinkle the powder from the original containers onto your nails.

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