What is eyebrow waxing, exactly?

Eyebrow waxing starts with a thin layer of warm wax applied to the hairs you wish to remove. A paper strip is placed over the top, the wax solidifies, and gentle pressure is applied to trap the individual hairs. Then, the strip is swiftly pulled away, pulling the hairs out directly from the root. The warmth from the wax also acts as a pore softener which allows the hair to be removed directly from the follicle without breakage.

Hot wax is the most popular method of removing body hair and is also used on facial hair. The hot wax is applied to a small section of the skin with unwanted hair and in the direction of hair growth. As the wax cools, it melts onto the top layer of the skin and grips at each hair strand. Once the wax is applied, a cloth strip is placed over the wax and pressed down firmly. After two to three seconds, the cloth strip is quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Can you be allergic to waxing or threading?

It is quite uncommon but sensitive skin can react to waxing. An allergy test can be done 24 hours before if uncertain. Some people may find that they break out into spots after threading, so good hygiene must be practiced by using clean string each time and sanitising the skin first.

What are the benefits of brow waxing over other kinds of hair removal?

As opposed to eyebrow threading and plucking, waxing is considered the most precise hair removal method, especially for dealing with peach fuzz surrounding the brow. With threading and tweezing, hair removal is limited to the hairs that are visible. Waxing removes vellus hair [peach fuzz] and gives the appearance of a softer brow shape.

Fans of sugaring love its natural formula – lemon, sugar, and water – but it doesn’t remove coarse hairs as well as waxing. Equally, eyebrow waxing is said to be gentler on the hair follicles than using tweezers. Plucking too much can cause scarring that looks like open pores. The procedure is also dermatologist approved. Waxing is an age-old, proven and safe way to remove hair from the brows, noting that the hair will then grow back considerably thinner over time.

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