Acrylic nails are still one of the most preferred nail enhancement products because it is durable and easy to maintain. However, nail lifting from the nail bed after acrylics is a very common issue that many acrylic nail users have.

Acrylic nails lift when they separate from the natural nails in less than two weeks. Three reasons that cause acrylic nails to lift are the low-quality acrylics, improper acrylic nail application, and failure to know their limitation and to follow regular maintenance by a user. Any one of these three reasons can cause acrylic nails to lift prematurely.

Low-quality acrylic nail products can cause lifting

Acrylic nails lift if they are of low-quality and will not have the optimal chemicals that are used to make the product. Therefore, their durability will suffer.

Make sure that you use a name-brand product so you can eliminate this issue out of your search for why your acrylic nails lift.

The products that you must use to have lasting acrylic nail application are:

  • Dehydrator / pH balance
  • Primer
  • Liquid monomer
  • Powder polymer
  • High-quality acrylic nail brush

Besides having low-quality products, contaminated acrylics do not have the optimal chemical ratios and they will no longer have the intended adhesive strength to stick to the natural nails.

Can you still get a fill if your acrylic nails lift?

Yes. You can still get a fill even if your acrylic nails lift.

It is normal for the acrylics to lift a little after two weeks which is the time you should have a fill-in. If the lifted parts are small, the nail technician will remove them and do a normal fill-in. If the lifted parts are as big as a quarter of your nail bed or larger, the acrylics should be removed and the nail technician should apply new acrylics on the whole nail.

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