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The year is almost over and that alone is enough reason to celebrate. So throw a party—in the form of a manicure. Let’s add some glamor and joy to your New Year’s Eve party with glittery, festive, and fun nail art designs! We’re talking velvet, confetti, holographic, and pearl embellishments on shades of gold and bright pastels. After all, the best nail art is the one that puts a smile on your face. Scroll down to find the best New Year’s Eve nail art inspiration from social media
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Holidays are all about the sparkle and shimmer of the season! No manicure can be as sparkling and twinkling as a glitter manicure.

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We love an ombré nail look (who doesn’t love ombre, right?). We love muted neutrals because they are so classic, chic, and subtle. So why not combine the two? A cozy ombre manicure will be perfect to go with any New Year’s Eve outfit.

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Deep indigo is easily one of our favorite shades; this color is just so regal and lovely for your nail style. For New Year’s Eve, we love to dress it up in an ultra-glossy finish with glitter accents (or full-hand glitter, it’s up to you).


Is glitter and sparkle, not your thing? Go artistic with an abstract nail. Mix a bunch of your favorite colors against a white nail to make them pop.

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How to upgrade a classic sheer manicure? Easy! To make it get more New Year’s Eve vibes, choose a base color with a hint of shimmer.
Now and again, it’s nice to swap the sweatpants and corner store wine for a bit of tinsel and sparkle. We’ve always needed to glam ourselves up for the ringing in of the New Year. Come visit our top-quality nail salon to enjoy special moments and get your nails done!

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