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Perms & Relaxer

Perms and hair relaxers use chemicals to alter the hair, and they have opposite desired results. A perm is done when you want to curl your hair. A hair relaxer, on the other hand, straightens naturally curly hair.

On-scalp bleach toner included

A “bleach and toner” is the process where hair is lightened using bleach and then toned to either a warm or cool result. Bleaching is the tool we use to remove colour or pigment from the hair. During this process we are pulling the pigment from the hair, stripping away the colour, but not adding any colour.

Ombre / Balayage And Style – Ombre/ Balayage and Cut

Balayage is a professional hair color technique that creates a natural, subtle highlight effect. Originating from the French word term “to sweep,” Balayage (pronounced “baa-lee-ahge”) speaks to the way the color is applied. With this technique, your stylist hand-paints the color onto the hair, creating a more graduated, natural effect with the same gorgeous dimension and color from traditional highlights. While highlights typically require foils, the painting technique allows the transitions between dark and light colors to be much longer and more natural looking than stripy highlights. Balayage is perfect for creating natural, sun-kissed highlights or customizing dimension with lowlights.

Ombre is a dramatic, gradient color effect where hair is split into two contrasting color sections and gradually blended from one hue to the other. Also with French origins, the word ombre means “to shade.” Typically, the darker shade is up top at the roots and the lighter shade on bottom, but some prefer the opposite effect (this is called reverse ombre!). This gradation of color primarily affects the ends of hair, with the transition from the roots to light ends being pretty short.

Full Head Foils and Cut – Full Foils and Style

A full head of foils means that every inch of hair is addressed and treated other than the hairs left out of the foils if there is any – from crown to hairline, and every layer in between. It ensures that no matter how the hair is parted or styled in the future, the effect is even and consistent. This also means that the hair will regrow evenly.Full foils are typically used for colour corrections, becoming fully blonde, a natural approach to adding colour to the hair, or to achieve a smooth, dynamic root stretch or root shadow.

Partial Foil and Cut – Partial Foil and Style

Partial Highlights – A partial foil means to foil only the hair on the top sections of the head. This is great for a more natural, “darker underneath” look, or in between appointments for full foils to refresh the most noticed areas. If you don’t have layers in your hair, a partial foil will make it look fully highlighted when you wear your hair down. If it is layered, you will see the color of the underneath section of hair poking out underneath.

Toner (Relights) Peek a Boo + Blowdry

Toner/Glaze – is a Temporary color which is used to “tone” pre-lightened hair.

Highlight Colour and Cut – Highlight Colour and Style

Highlights is the general term for lightening specific sections of hair. You can then decide, by yourself or with a colorist, if you prefer the specific hair color techniques of lowlights or babylights. Highlights are hand-painted, created by weaving small sections of the hair and then adding color.

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Hair Treatment

Salon hair treatments are made with high-quality non-toxic ingredients. Based on your hair type and health, the professional hairdresser will decide on the application technique, timing and amount of product.

Today, modern salon hair treatment services include all kinds of procedures for damaged hair, which work differently and effectively. Some of them restore, rebuild, and repair your locks, while others are aimed at improving the look of the hair and making it appear healthier.


An updo is a women’s hairstyle that involves “sweeping the hair” or arranging the hair into a “upstyle”, usually for a special or formal occasion. There are many different styles for updos including some sleek, romantic, or “imperfectly messy” look updos.



Eyebrow waxing involves applying a thin layer of hot wax over the hairs that need to be removed. A thin strip of paper and some gentle pressure is applied on top of the wax, then quickly pulled away, bringing the eyebrow hairs with it.

Upper Lip

Apply the wax in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth: on the upper lip, start in the middle of the upper lip and spread toward the corner of your mouth. Only wax one side of the upper lip at a time. To spread the wax, use the edge of the spatula. Apply the epilation strip and smooth down.


During your waxing, your esthetician will gently apply the warm wax to your chin. After the desired section is completely covered in wax, they will place a cloth strip on top of the wax. Once the wax has adhered to the strip; they will then gently remove the strip from your chin, taking the unwanted hairs with it.

Side Burns

Sideburn waxing is a hair removal method that targets the hair on the sideburn area. It is a quick and effective way to remove unwanted hair and can be a great option for those looking for a long-lasting hair removal solution.

Full Face

The full face waxing service consists of hair being removed from your eyebrows, lip, cheeks, sideburns, chin and nose. The entire hair follicle is removed when being waxed out and results in a much smoother feel than shaving. Waxing is also a natural exfoliant which helps keep dead skin cells at bay.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows


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