Nail designs are versatile, from classic to modern, abstract and delicate to overtly bold. With regards to the phrase “This looks like my next nail design”, there is no one definitive interpretation of what that design should be. What a person chooses to put on their nails is entirely up to their own preference.

When faced with a decision on what your next nail design should be, it is important to consider the occasion, determine the purpose of the nails, and gain inspiration from other manicures. There are some aspects to consider when deciding the ideal design with regards to materials such as color, shape, and tools needed.

In conclusion, the design of your next manicure is entirely up to you. As there are so many options now available, the possibilities are plenty. But the perfect design is out there for everyone; There is nothing stopping you from finding the perfect combination of materials and colors that work for you and your nails.

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