This time of year offers you all the great blessings. And our staff offers you all the excellent spa treatments. Visit us and have fun together! Cheers, all <3 Ornaments are usually saved for the Christmas tree, but have you ever thought about using ornaments in unusual ways? Ornaments add charm to any Christmas tree and even more appeal to a manicure! Ornament nail designs by our techs are super cute!

These nails add a perfect touch of glam to your everyday. Whether you’re running errands or going out with friends, they add a sparkle and elegance to any look. The array of colors available allow you to easily switch up your manicure with whatever outfit you may be wearing that day. Not only do they give you an eye-catching pop of color, but the durability and shine can last for weeks – meaning less time spent in the nail salon! With these nails, adding some extra bling to your everyday life is definitely effortless and absolutely worth it!

Nail salon 30701 – Calhoun Luxury Nails near me Calhoun – W Belmont Rd : However lavish or simple your Christmas style is, there is a manicure idea here that will help you bring the beauty of the holiday to every fingernail.

We welcome customers from other neighboorhoods : Farmville, Sonoraville, New Town, Cash, Damascus, Redbub, McDaniels, Blackwood, etc.

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Nail art is a great way to add some personality and flair to your nails


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