What Is Included In A Manicure And Pedicure?

What is included in a manicure and pedicure depends on where you go and the different options that they have available.

That being said, there are some general practices that most salons and spas will provide for either treatment.

We will now look at each of them below:

Typical Manicure

A typical manicure usually involves the softening and removal of dead skin from the cuticles of your nails.

A cuticle pusher or cuticle remover is often the tool used here.

A nail file will also be used to shape your nails according to your preferences, and upon a style that you desire (this could be round, square, squoval, almond etc.).

From there, your manicurist will first apply a base coat, before moving onto a top coat in the choice of color you request and that they have stocked.

The basis of a good manicure therefore involves:

– Treats any hangnails or loose skin around your nails,
– Cleans your nails, shapes them and paints your nails in a color of your choosing,
– Provides hand massages to promote blood flow to your hands/nails and improve their health and growth,
– Use specific oils and creams to exfoliate and clean your hands and nails.

That is in essence the basic mani.

Although there are generally different types of manicure available, the most common ones being:

– American: which provides you with very clean, natural looking nails with shaping toward the tip,
– French: nails are cut into a somewhat square shape and a nude color is applied. White tips are then painted on.
– Gel/Shellac manicure: These manicures will use specialized nail polishes that are resistant to chipping for up to two weeks. Placing your hands under UV lamps is required to set the polish.

Typical Pedicure

A typical pedicure will begin with a foot soak in warm water that is often infused with essential oils.

This will loosen any hard skin, which will then be removed through an exfoliating rub.

Following this, your pedicurist will move onto your toenails and will cut, shape and treat your toenail cuticles.

Then, certain creams or oil will be massaged into your feet.

Some treatments will involve massage of the lower legs; but not all will and you will likely need to pay more for this level of service.

At the end, toenail polish will be applied onto your toenails.

The basis of a good pedicure therefore involves:

– Treatment of any hangnails or loose skin around your toenails,
– Cleans your toenails, shapes them and paints in a color of your choosing,
– Removes hard, rough and dead skin from your feet,
– Provides massage on your feet/lower leg to promote blood flow and improve their general health.
– That is in essence the basic pedicure.

Although there are generally different types of pedicure available, the most common ones being:

– French pedicure: where your toenails are squared and the tips are painted white,
– Gel/Shellac pedicure: where your nails are painted with a more robust polish, that is then set under UV light.

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