What are the similarities between dip nails and acrylics?

They Don’t Require UV Light

Unlike gel manicures, neither dip nails nor acrylic nails use UV lamps in their process. This is simply due to their nature of their formula. This also makes them both quicker processes than gel manicures. This will shave off valuable time from your busy schedule.

The omission of UV light is beneficial as, over time, the light frequency in an LED light can risk skin ageing and damage.

What is the difference between dip nails and acrylics?

Dip Nails Last Longer

One of the biggest advantages of dip nails is their longevity. Whilst acrylic nails tend to last between two to three weeks before needing a touch-up at the salon, dip nails can last up to four weeks. Dip nails also last longer than gels.

Dip Nails Don’t Use Acrylic Nail Glue

Some acrylic nail glue can include harsh chemicals and toxins which can be harmful to your natural nail.

Dip Powder Nails Require Thinner Layers

Thinner layers are favoured in the dip powder process in order to reduce the chance of infection. The thin layers will also be less likely to damage your natural nail beds and will allow your nails more room to breathe.

How Do You Want The Nails To Look?

If you are wanting a nail art design, then gel will be your best option. Gel is most similar to classic nail polish, but with more longevity, so nail art will look much more glossy and professional.

Dip nails tend to be thicker and therefore will be better suited to ombre nail effects or classic block colours.

Acrylic nails are great if you want to try a less opaque design, with see-through sections or lighter colours. Acrylic nails are extensions as opposed to the natural nail, so can endure much more experiment without damaging your natural nails.

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