You should get a new set of acrylic nails every 3 to 6 months. Sometimes you can wait even longer. It truly depends on how well you take care of your acrylic nails and if you want to change things up. Acrylic nails are extremely durable and allow you to enjoy tons of customized designs.

While it is possible to just keep filling your set of acrylics, it’s a great idea to have them taken off after those 3 to 6 months. Once they’re taken off, your nail technician can check the health of your natural nails and take care of any abnormalities. You can also cut your natural fingernails without fear of breakage. Cutting back your natural fingernails before the next set of acrylic nails boosts their durability.

Another way to prolong the life of your acrylic nails is to clean them daily. Inevitably, gunk will get under your nails throughout the day. So, to prevent damage to your nails, you’ll need to participate in some upkeep. Wash underneath your nails to keep them looking fresh.

The acrylic nail application takes a couple of hours. So be prepared for investing time into the process!

An acrylic fill is performed when your acrylic nails have started to grow out and nail growth is exposed at the nail bed. The nail is shortened by filing and buffing to reshape it then the part of the nail that has new growth gets a new acrylic application. A fill can also be done on broken or damaged nails. Getting acrylic fills is much cheaper than getting a whole new set.

A full set of acrylics is going through the entire process of applying completely new nails. This process is more time-intensive. The answer to this question depends on the wear of your nails. If your nails are going to need a lot of TLC to look perfect again, you may want to consider getting a new set. Or if you want to change up the look of them.

We recommend that you get a new set if your nails start to show signs of lifting, have air bubbles underneath them, and/or are starting to look yellow. Getting a new set of acrylics is not cheap, so opt for a filler if possible. If you only have one or a couple of damaged or chipped nails, then a fill will be sufficient. There’s no need to go through the whole process of getting a new set if there are only a few minor things that need to be corrected.

You can get a fill on acrylic nails as often as you’d like. We recommend that you get a fill once there is a visible gap between your cuticle and your existing acrylic set, about every 2 to 3 weeks. Once you have filled your acrylics 3 or 4 times, it’s probably time to get a new set. You have more control over the strength and look of your nails this way.

Yes! Even with acrylics on, your nails don’t stop their natural growing process. In fact, you’ll probably start to notice just how quickly your real nails really start to grow as you catch a glimpse of the gap between the colored acrylics and your cuticles. Since your real nails are constantly growing, it’s necessary to get acrylic fillers or a new set every few months to maintain the look.

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