– Used to reinforce and protect your natural nails – Overlay Nails would create a hard protective layer over your nails making them stronger.

– Feels lighter and more natural when compared to nail extensions – Overlay Nails will use less product which makes your nails feel lighter. Whilst nail extensions use more product which adds a lot of bulk and weight to your nails.

– Last Longer than Nail Extensions – Overlay nails are less likely to lift prematurely since they are shorter and have less surface area for stress and strain to act on.

– More durable than a nail polish manicure – Overlay nails can last for 3-4 weeks or more depending on the type of product used. Whilst nail polishes would last for 5-7 days.

– Tend to be more affordable than Nail Extensions – overlay nails use less product and is easier and faster to apply.

Overlay nails are ideal if you:

– Have weak and brittle nails – by using a nail product like dip powder or gel will protect and reinforce your nails which will allow them to heal and get stronger.

– Want a strong and durable manicure without nail extensions – If you want a long lasting manicure and don’t want to have long nails then Overlay Nails are right for you.

– Work in a profession that you can’t have long nails but you still want a more durable manicure than a basic nail polish.

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