Nail art is also on the rise again. The process is the same as a traditional manicure but your manicurist will embellish your nails with detailed patterns or nail accessories. It’s possible to adorn your nails with pretty much anything these days! Gemstones, coloured foil and even piercings are standard practice in most nail salons thanks to the nail art movement which has taken the beauty world by storm. Celebrities the world over are jumping on the colourful bandwagon and turning it into a viral trend. But whatever manicure ticks your box, you’ll certainly never run out of inspiration or ideas when it comes to choosing how to decorate your nails. With new trends and designs popping up everyday, it’s never too late to try something new.

A typical manicure starts with your hands being soaked to soften the skin and cuticles, followed by a buff down to even out your nails, and then a file to ensure they are all the same shape and size. There are several add-on’s that can be included, such as a hand and arm massage or a paraffin treatment, though your run-of-the-mill mani usually just consists of the soak, trim and buff, followed by either a lick of colour or cuticle oil and leaving them au naturale.

Whether you like them short and sweet, square, almond, oval or squoval, there’s something about a freshly manicured hand that can lift your mood in a matter of moments, not to mention add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Your choice of design doesn’t have to be vibrant or out there if you don’t want it to. Nail art can also be a healthy and long-lasting alternative to traditional nail treatments. If you opt for a classic look, you can complement your outfits from desk to drinks.


Overlay/Classic Full Set : $35 and up
Filling : $25 and up
Dipping Powder : $45 and up
Ombre Acrylic : $55 and up

Add On

Cut Down : $3 and up
Nail Fixing : $5 and up
Nail Design : $5 and up
Soak Off : $10

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