Why is nail care important?
Maintaining the health and appearance of your nails is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a vital component of overall wellness. Proper nail care preserves the strength and durability of your nails, preventing breakage, brittleness and unsightly fungal infections. Aside from looking fabulous with manicured nails, keeping them clean and trimmed reduces the risk of potentially harmful bacteria taking root or becoming ingrown.

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How long do gel nails last?

In fact, with proper care and maintenance, they may even stay put for up to 4 weeks! The gel nail polish is formulated with a special technology that helps it adhere fully to the nail bed, providing a long-lasting manicure. Additionally, the curing process involved in applying gel nails creates a hard layer over your natural nails, making them chip-resistant and tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, with a wide range of colors and designs available today, you can enjoy your flawless gel manicure for an extended time without worrying about any damage or color fading! So go ahead and rock a stunning set of gel nails because they will easily take you from one week to the next hassle-free!

Glamour Nails in Carmel, Indiana 46032

How often should I go to the nail salon to get my nails done?
It’s recommended to visit the salon every two or three weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. However, don’t ignore any signs of chipped polish or overgrown cuticles as these could lead to infections or bacterial growth. Regular grooming of your finger and toenails provides a chance for your technician to identify any issues before it’s too late. Moreover, bi-weekly manicures give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with new nail art designs and colors that suit your mood or match an outfit. So let’s hit up the nail salons confidently and flaunt those perfectly groomed nails!

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