Whether you want to transform your look with a sleek new style for a special occasion; treat yourself to a nourishing facial; or find the most effective method for the permanent removal of unwanted hair, visit us for attentive service that is customized according to your particular requirements. Our spa provides a serene, beautiful environment that people will love to spend time in.

Dip powder manicures last even longer than gel manicures–about a month on average. Meanwhile, they don’t require any exposure to UV light, so they don’t pose a risk of premature skin damage and skin aging as gel manicures do.

When you get dip powder nails, your manicurist will first go through the basic, universal steps of grooming and trimming your nails. Then they’ll apply a base coat to your nails, and dip them into a pigmented powder of your chosen color (This powder is essentially acrylic nail polish in powder form). Finally, your manicurist will brush away any excess powder, and apply another clear coat to seal in the color.

Indulge your feet with our exclusive spa pedicures. We offer the best combination of relaxation & sanitation and much more! Pedicure of the Season: Ask us about adding a little fun to your pedicure with some seasonal extras like pumpkin spice, chocolate, lemon, or champagne just to name a few.

File & Polish: For the busy person on the go, keep it quick and easy. We simply remove existing polish, trim and shape your nails, then finish with a fresh coat of colour.

Nail salon 91101 – Best nail art and wax near me Pasadena : The ambience of our salon is superb. And the quality of service we provide is awesome. You can check it out by yourself!

Nails Spa & Lashes by Tammy
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Phone : (626) 568-2918
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