A manicure is such an important part of one’s style. Have you picked out your holiday manicure yet? we have collected 3 nail art ideas for you to celebrate! There are nails for everyone whether you’re new to creating art or are a total pro. You could even have some of the looks recreated at the top-notch nail salons.
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Green Nail Designs

You cannot say it’s an Autumn-themed manicure without the green Irish theme on that manicure. With Autumn coming up we couldn’t resist the urge to share with you some of the green nail designs that we love. Instead of opting out for a green shirt, why not mix it up this holiday with a less traditional yet equally celebratory dose of green via Autumn manicures?
During the day, opt for a much lighter green. When you go out at night, celebrating the big Irish day in true Irish style, darker greens can be worn. Who says that only green can be used? You can totally have the usual green in a brave combination with other fantastic colors like yellow, silver, blue, etc. And, of course, pay a visit to a top-ranked nail salon in your local area so that you can get the best result.

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Colorful Nails

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Here we are in September, the onset of autumn over the horizon, and the weather is getting warmer by the day. It’s time to go for colorful nails. The colorful manicure looks like a rainbow and will give any Autumn holiday ensemble a magical touch. Brightly colored nails might not be appropriate for every day, but you definitely should rock them for Autumn. If you like being extravagant and enjoy colorful impressions, try out the colorful nail art trend!

Pastel Nails

Pastels are always a classic when it comes to spring nail color. The nail style is perfect not just for Autumn, but year-round. Pastel nail art is indeed a subtle way to show your Autumn spirit. Pastel designs are appropriate for girls and young ladies. Being unique and chic for Autumn was never easier with this manicure idea. We love all of these holiday nail art designs because there is something for everyone – a look for every occasion.

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If you are in the Autumn mood and in need of beautiful nail design ideas for this special day, we are here to help! Our certified nail technicians at Lavue Nail Lounge will meet all your requirements. We promise to make the Autumn holiday special for you with our unique nail styles. May good luck and good nails be with you this festive holiday!

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