Today, Bliss Nail Spa is going to share some gelish nail art designs for short nails. Some nail art designs may also look better on short nails. Short nails are easy to maintain and can be super stunning and fashionable to. Try out short nails for a change. They are great for working moms, busy women, and everyone who doesn’t like to think about their nails that much. Keep scrolling to see our favourite short nail designs, that prove you don’t need long nails to have a super-cute manicure.

Short nails usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to nail art. When you flip through the inspirations provided in a book at your nail salon, or scroll through Instagram, you’ll spot that the newest and coolest designs are usually modelled on extra-long tips (often reinforced with gel or acrylic bases).

Are short nails out of style?
A gel manicure looks good regardless of nail length, but a classic short gel manicure is a timeless look that will never go out of style. While long nails in their various iterations — almond, coffin, and ballerina among others — will always be a staple of the beauty world, shorter nails might be a trend you resigned to your younger years.

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