This is the standard treatment pretty much all salons and spas offer. Classic pedicures include a warm foot soak and a foot scrubbing with either a pumice stone or foot file followed by clipping of the nails, shaping of the nails, your cuticles being pushed back, a short foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polish (if desired). This option is good for people who are looking for regular foot and toenail maintenance like callus removal without much fuss or pampering.

Spa Pedicure

The spa pedicure elevates the classic pedicure in many ways. The process generally includes a variety of upgrades, including aromatherapy oils added to the footbath, an exfoliating scrub to further remove calluses, a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dips. In addition, spa pedicures are generally done in a more relaxing, private environment than a typical pedicure at a regular nail salon. The experience should make you feel pampered and ultra relaxed.

Benefits of the scrub

Sugar is the most natural way of exfoliating the skin. Further, it also delays the signs of ageing, thereby ensuring that you have a healthy complexion. Sugar enhances blood circulation and increases collagen production and skin cell regeneration, which prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It also tones and tightens the pores of the skin. It contains glycolic acid that rejuvenates and keeps your skin looking fresh. It has alpha hydroxy acids, an anti-ageing compound found in fruits and milk sugars. Sugar maintains the skin’s youthfulness and beauty by balancing your skin’s natural oils and allowing new skin to develop. Thus, frequent massaging with homemade sugar scrub promotes continuous skin renewal that reveals a healthier complexion. Experts say that it also increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin to heal acne and other skin problems from inside out. The moisturising effect of a homemade sugar scrub can decrease the symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis as well.

Spa Packages

Basic Pedicure……………….$32

Basic Pedicure + Sugar Scrub……………….$35

Special Pedicure……………….$43

Deluxe Pedicure……………….$48

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