The first month of the new year has come, just ended a cold winter and slowly warmed up Time to slow down, nourish and nourish your body and mind. There can’t be a more perfect time than now to embrace the beauty of the changing seasons from winter to spring. When it comes to how to incorporate beautiful nature into your everyday life, nail art seems to be the answer to manicurists’ prayers.
If you’ve been following some of the most upscale nail salons in Folsom, you probably know that their manicurists are now designing nail art in the colors of winter and spring, as well as nail art. Nails represent symbols of winter or spring. If you are really looking for unique nails that stand out from the crowd, the talented nail designers team at Beauty Haus Nails can help

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About Beauty Haus Nails

Beauty Haus Nails is a Folsom-based nail salon and spa located at 850 East Bidwell Street, Suite 155, Folsom, CA 95630
Beauty Haus Nails features a team of certified, talented, and experienced nail experts. You can count on our team to achieve a world-class design for your manicure and pedicure.
Prepare yourself to be pampered on a day of luxury at this nail salon Folsom. We have so much to offer. Our state-of-the-modern spa facilities, competitive prices, high quality products from famous beauty brands, and clean spa conditions make us a top nail salon in Folsom, CA 

nail salon 95630

Our technicians have a high level of attention to detail and strong communication to make sure each customer is well taken care of and always has fun once they walk through our door. Every single client coming to our salon can feel at ease knowing that they are being provided with first-rate nail care services in Folsom.

A quick Glance At A Few Nail Treatments In Beauty Haus Nails

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Powder/Liquid Gel
Solar Nails
Polish Change
Nail Design
Shellac Hands/Feet
Acrylic Nail Art
Body Wax
Face Wax
Brow Wax
Eyelash Extension

 If you live in Folsom,CA 95630 and look for the best nail care services, don’t skip the chance to spend your precious time at this good nail salon in Folsom, California

Beauty Haus Nails
850 E Bidwell St,
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