As a lifetime member of the short nails club, I’ve always thought that nail art wasn’t for me. Mainly because every time a bold, intricate design would blow up on Instagram or Pinterest, it was always featured on long tips. But, as it turns out, I’ve been voluntarily leaving myself out of the nail art party.

Paintbox chief creative director Eleanor Langston tells me that thinking designs don’t work on short tips is simply a myth. “Shorter nails are easier for real life and you can still do cool art on them,” she says.

“Designs with negative space (especially at the base of the cuticle) work well with short nails, as it elongates the nail bed and works well with grow out, too,” she says. “I think intricate, full coverage designs would be the only exception for short nails.”

Langston adds that trying a neutral polish with a line down the center of your nail or some vertical angles will also create the illusion of a longer nail.

Keep scrolling for the 13 best nail art ideas for short nails.


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