Acrylic nails lift if they are not taken care of properly

Even the best set of acrylic nails will lift if a person does not know how to work with them and know their limitations. The followings are the most common signs that tell a person does not know how to take care of her acrylic nails:

– Wear them too long for the work that they do.
– Use them as the extension of their fingers, not as the showcase of their hands.
– If natural nails are oily, long acrylic nails will not stay on.
– Nail beds are too short for long acrylic nails.
– Nails are too thin to have long acrylic nails.
– Do not have a regular acrylic fill-in schedule.

Why do acrylic nails lift?

Even though that the adhesion from the acrylic nails to the nail beds are ones of the strongest compared to other nail enhancement products, they are still artificially attached to the natural nails and will lift from the nail bed if they are repeatedly under stresses or forces that can weaken these strong bonds

Why are my acrylic nails lifting?

It is normal for acrylic nails to lift after two week period because the adhesion that holds acrylic nails to the nail beds will lose its strength after they are subject to up and down bending or stresses from daily use of the fingers and nails. If they lift before this time, you should examine which one of the three causes might be the answer.

In some cases, if two or all three causes act together and you will see acrylic nails start to lift in just a few days.

If one or two of your acrylic nails lift on your dominant hand after two weeks, then this is normal wear and tear because these fingers are most used and some lifting is expected.

The cause for this kind of lifting comes from normal wear and tear and the acrylic products or nail technician’s work is fine.

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